Hungry Cat Won’t Stop Staring At Dinner, But Mom Cackles When The Kitty Tries To Steal It

by Caralynn Lippo
Caralynn is a writer, native New Yorker, TV enthusiast, and dog mom to Hobbes.

Every cat I’ve ever known has been a picky eater. But one hungry cat seems willing and able to eat anything she can get her paws on!

In a video shared on August 27, 2015, cat mom Lorie sits down to eat some dinner. She starts munching on her asparagus, but she’s not alone. Her friendly little cat is sitting next to her on the table.

As Lorie picks up forkfuls of asparagus and eats, her hungry cat is positively transfixed by the food.

She can’t help but stare!

First, the cat tries her best to be as cute as possible so that her mom can’t resist giving her food. She gently paws at Mom’s jacket and even snuggles up on her shoulder. But that doesn’t work — Mom easily ignores her.

Then, the cute kitty gets a bit more bold. She reaches out a paw to try to grab at the food!

Lorie can’t help but laugh at her cat’s desperate attempts to get her paws on some asparagus. She’s particularly amused when her cat ends up innocently knocking her in the mouth during one attempt.

I had no idea that cats liked this particular vegetable so much! Or maybe it’s just Lorie’s cat who has this fondness for asparagus.

According to comments by Lorie on earlier videos, the cat was born with a “half paw” that has only one claw on it. Clearly, the kitty’s special paw works just fine when it comes to swiping food!

Check out Lorie and her cat in the cute video below.

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