She Wrote A Touching Letter To Her Cat’s Future Owner Before She Died

by Angel Chang
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“What greater gift than the love of a cat?” author Charles Dickens once said. If you’re a cat owner, chances are, this sentiment resonates.

We often don’t think about our pets as our property — rather, they are our valued companions and friends.

We are familiar with their personality traits, their every quirk and fancy…and they certainly know ours. We want nothing but the best for them, even after we’re no longer capable of taking care of them.

One loving cat owner has completely put this thought into consideration, and has made sure that whoever would look after her cat after she passed, would truly know the peculiarities, the gentle kindness, and the loving spirit of her cat.

After her passing, her son brought Susie, his mother’s orange tabby cat, to the Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center in Maryland. He couldn’t keep Susie due to pet restrictions set by his rental.

He had brought something along with the cat — a letter written by his late mother. Read on to find out what she delivered in her wonderful message.

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cat adoption letter Susie

Dear friend,

Thank you for adopting my friend, Susie. She was one of three cats in a litter. November 15, 2010 is her approximate birthdate. She moved in with me on December 1, 2010.

Until I felt sure she knew where her new home was, I kept her in the house. After she was left out, she disappeared for four days. I thought I would never see her again. On the fourth night we had an unusually loud thunderstorm. There was no rain, just noise. That morning when I went out to call her, I didn’t expect to see her but she came running. She came in the house with me and has not been willing to go out again unless I go with her. She became an indoor cat.

Susie is afraid of everyone and everything. It took her six to eight months to realize I am her friend.

cat adoption Susie with letter

I have tried for a long time to get her to go outside. She won’t do it unless I go with her. Perhaps if I could go for walks with her she would get used to going outside but I am too unstable to leave my front porch. She will go on the porch as long as I go with her. The best she will do is walk along the garden next to my front porch. I believe she would follow me if I could go for a walk.

It would be nice if she would make friends with our dog. They get along together but Susie keeps some distance away from the dog. I never worry about them when I leave them in the house together.

Susie is unusual but I enjoy her company. She is a good snuggler but she likes to be the boss. She enjoys being petted. She spends much of her time on my bed but always seems to know where I am.

I hope you enjoy Susie as much as I have.

susie the cat with letter

At first, Susie had a hard time when she entered the shelter. She tried to escape from her cage, and she hid from shelter staff. According to Katherine Zenzano, the shelter’s community outreach coordinator, Susie’s confidence level was at “an all-time low” when they took her in.

“She’s a sensitive girl and she lost the most important person to her,” said Zenzano. “She needs another gentle soul to rescue her.”

The shelter staff are really hoping that someone will show up soon and have the heart to adopt Susie. They’re planning on giving the letter to the new owner.


cat adoption with letter

Despite Susie’s discomfort, staff members and volunteers make sure to spend plenty of time with her, and to brush and talk to her. After some time, it seems like Susie has finally begun to enjoy being petted.

“She is certainly learning to trust again,” said Zenzano of Susie. We certainly hope that her new owner will come soon, and show her the same love and compassion that her previous owner has.

To view Susie’s adoption listing, click here.

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