Cat Goes Nuts When Owner Opens Refrigerator And Pulls Out Can Of Whipped Cream

by Andrea Wunderlich
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Everyone’s a little guilty of indulging their pets in extra-special treats. Whether it’s a piece of cheese or a little nibble under the table, we all do it.

I’m definitely on the hook for slipping my cat an extra helping of wet food, but I must say I had never even considered giving one of my pets this tasty treat.

In this sweet video, owner Chris opens his refrigerator door and lingers over a can of whipped cream for dramatic effect. When Chris shakes the whipped cream, Chris’ beautiful orange tabby Marmalade comes running upstairs to the kitchen at the sound.

“Want some whipped cream? Oh buddy!” Chris coos to the cat.

The tabby stretches out on Chris’ legs and starts to lick the cap of the can.

“You love it, don’t you?” Chris continues to tease. Finally he squirts out a small dollop of the whipped cream onto his fingertip, and Marmalade laps it up happily!

“Was that a good treat?” Chris asks Marmalade before telling him that he can’t have any more of the delicious snack.

I can’t say I’ve ever done this with my own cats, but I’ll definitely keep it up my sleeve in the future! What a fun way to drag your fur baby out from their favorite catnap spot!

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