Owner Tries To Grab Remote, But Cat Loves ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Too Much For That To Happen

by Johanna Silver
Johanna is a writer who lives, works, and volunteers in New York.

Since 2006, Britain’s Got Talent has been dazzling viewers with amazing acts from across the pond.

Much like its stateside counterpart, America’s Got Talent, the show celebrates the most talented people in the country who sing, dance, act, and contort their way into the audience’s heart.

What’s even more compelling than some of the insane stunts pulled off on the show are the contestants’ backstories.

Some of them overcome incredible, adverse situations in order to practice their craft, which makes you root for them even more when they advance on the show.

Though it’s been on the air for over 10 seasons, it’s still incredibly addictive to watch. Even our animal friends can’t get enough of the action, according to the clip down below.

It begins with a cute, spotted cat lounging on the couch, catching up on the latest Britain’s Got Talent episode.

Then her owner tries to grab the remote and change the channel, but the furry feline is not about to let her show get interrupted.

Before he can get a hand on it, she swipes and knocks it away. Try as he might, he can’t get ahold of the remote without her paw pushing his hand off.

The cute clip proves that you should never get in the way of a cat’s favorite show!

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