Family Spends 4 Months Thinking Cat Died In Wildfire Before Stranger Places Him In Mom’s Arms

by Amy Paige
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Tens of thousands of homes and buildings were destroyed in the deadly wildfire that swept across Paradise, California, in November 2018.

Paul and Sandra Ritchie were forced to evacuate. They watched their home being ravaged by the fire as they drove away.

The couple was able to escape with three of their beloved cats, but one was still missing; Dexter was nowhere to be found.

Since Dexter wasn’t microchipped at the time, Paul and Sandra felt hopeless. They feared the worst and came to assume that Dexter perished in the fire.

The Ritchies relocated and started their lives over again, leaving California behind.

They eventually moved to Defiance, Missouri.

Four months passed. Little did they know that not only had Dexter been alive this whole time, but he had also found his way back into safe and capable hands.

“The cat spent 103 days fending for himself in the debris of the campfire,” KTVI reports. “But he rose from the ashes, healthy and happy, and was taken in by the FieldHaven Feline Rescue Center.”

The fact that Dexter managed to escape the fire without sustaining any burns is considered a miracle.

The team at FieldHaven Feline Center is still searching the town of Paradise for more missing pets and reconnecting them with their owners.

In the clip below, watch the tear-jerking moment that Dexter is placed back in Sandra’s arms.

Footage provided by KTVI St. Louis

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