Cat Library Lets Workers Check Out Kittens

by Amber James
Amber is the Branded Content Editor at LittleThings. She currently resides in Manhattan.

At the Doña Ana County Office in Las Cruces, NM, employees are lining up on their lunch breaks to check out the library.

There’s only one catch: Instead of brimming with books, it is filled with adoptable cats.

The office founded a cat library, where people are able to check kittens out of a Kitty Kondo and then return to work with the furry feline.

Research has found that being around animals like cats and dogs can instantly make your life better. The pets can lower blood pressure, reduce stress and improve mood — in addition to providing us with unconditional love.

“It definitely relieves stress,” Angela Roberson, a community planner and regular at the kitty library told CBS News.

“I mean how can it not when you have a little fuzzy thing that you can take back to your office?”

Officials knew if people just took a few minutes to hold these animals and play with them, it’d help the cats find forever homes. Talk about a purrr-fect solution!

Since being implemented by the Doña Ana County Coalition for Pets and People, the program has resulted in the adoption of 100 cats!

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