Cat Is Rescued From Abuse, Then Vet Discovers She’s Been Living With A Dart In Her Brain

by Jess Butler
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Miss Kiss’ situation might have been every vet’s worst nightmare. Luckily, a miracle came out of it.

The small tabby kitten was abandoned by her previous owner and left to die. A family stumbled upon Miss Kiss and they were deeply upset with what they saw. They rushed the poor cat to Utah Valley Animal Rescue, where she could be treated for her marks of abuse.

She was not in good condition whatsoever. When she arrived, the vet, Dr. Isaac Bott, took one look at Miss Kiss and ordered an X-ray for her.

Dr. Bott was dumbfounded by Miss Kiss’ plight.

Somehow, the little tabby had been living with a four-inch steel dart lodged in her brain for who knows how long. She even had a smaller dart stuck in her shoulder.

But how was she still alive?

It was unclear how long Miss Kiss had been living like this, but according to the vets, the dart had just missed essential arteries and brain segments. Miss Kiss was one lucky kitten, in that respect.

The brave 6-month-old kitten went through surgery to remove the darts, a procedure that vets were not sure of: they did not know if she would be able to survive.

Fortunately, Miss Kiss made it through the surgery. She experienced damage to her optic nerve, diminishing her eyesight. In a sweet twist, she was adopted by her new owner, Kevin, who was blind in one eye.

Kevin tosses ping-pong balls around the house to help with her hand-eye coordination. He even sleeps on the floor with Miss Kiss, just to support her rehabilitation as she adapts to her new life.

Miss Kiss had to endure a lot more sorrow than the average cat, but in the end, she found love.

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