Every Time This Teen Pretends To Collapse In Tears, Her Cat Rushes Over To Comfort Her

by Nicole Cannizzaro
Nicole is a writer who studied journalism. She loves music and spending time with her family.

Sometimes, it seems that our pets know more about us than even our best friends do. They always seem to know when we’re hiding sadness and know just how to make us feel better when we burst out into tears or anger.

I’ve thought that animals have a special detector for human emotion, a belief I developed while living with my boxer, Ruby, for nine years of my life. She wasn’t really a cuddler, but she would always come over to lick me or lie down near me if I was having a bad day, even if I was trying to hide it.

Their intuition must be incredible, because in the video below 16-year-old Alyssa Patty also has a smart and compassionate pet.

Her cat, Delilah, runs to her rescue every single time she thinks she’s upset.

Literally, every single time. Within seconds of Alyssa lying on the floor weeping, Delilah is there and climbs right on top of Alyssa to comfort and console her with her presence, and touch!

Even though Alyssa seems to be faking it to capture the loving cat’s reactions on camera, we definitely get the gist of it.

Delilah loves Alyssa. Clearly, Alyssa is appreciative of the love and friendship they have too. Plus, their whole family gets a kick out of their relationship. Alyssa’s sister Ashley says they all think it’s “hilarious and cute.” I’d have to agree!

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