Cat Comes Home With Paper Tied To Her Collar, Then Dad Realizes It’s A Note From The Neighbors

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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Letting your pet be an outside animal comes with quite a few risks.

Despite that, lots of cats love being outdoor-indoor cats, and thrive on getting to explore the world around them.

That’s the case for one Imgur user, who lets his cat Nala roam around their neighborhood.

The neighborhood is nice and safe, so Nala’s dad isn’t worried about her safety — but one day, she came home with a piece of paper attached to her collar.

I think anyone would be confused in that situation. I think my brain would cycle through nearly every possible scenario.

But what the note said was totally unexpected.

Keep scrolling to learn what the strange note on Nala’s collar said.

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Street in Detroit

Imgur user SliceofToast is happy to let his cat, Nala, explore their neighborhood. He writes: “Nala ventures in to the outside a lot. Luckily our neighbourhood is nice, so it’s not a problem.”


But one morning, SliceofToast found something strange attached to Nala’s collar.

Paper attached to Nala's collar

When he pulled it off, Nala’s dad realized there was a piece of paper with the words “please read” written on it.

Note attached to Nala's collar

I would have thought the worst — but what SliceofToast found inside the note was totally surprising. His neighbors had written a note about how much they love Nala.

nala sleeping

Nala’s dad thought it was so nice that the neighbors wanted to make sure Nala was safe and sound, even when she was far from home. SliceofToast says Nala is chipped in case of emergencies, but it’s still comforting to know someone is looking out for her.

cat in a garden

If Nala were my cat, I probably would have been worried that the neighbors were upset with her for getting into their garden, so it really is heartwarming to see that they care for her so much!

thank you note

SliceofToast says he plans to send a note back to the neighbors. Hopefully they can all meet soon!

Nala the cat

What do you think of this sweet interaction? I think it’s such a fun way to get to know your neighbors, and keep your pets safe at the same time!

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