Camera Catches The Unbelievable Moment A Cat Scales A Rock Wall Like An Expert

by Jess Butler
Jess is a curly-haired Jersey girl who adores penguins and watches the worst reality shows on TV.

It’s a fact that felines love climbing all over things, whether it’s a couch, a person, or, in this case, a rock climbing wall.

Rock climbing is an adventurous sport that requires strength, momentum, and a whole lot of equipment. All Lala the cat needs to conquer this climbing wall are her own tiny paws.

She starts her journey from the ground and makes her way to a green, boomerang-shaped peg. From there, she assesses the situation.

Rock climbing walls like Lala’s have dozens of pegs, providing climbers with multiple pathways to the top. Each trip you make will most likely be different from your last. When Lala the cat realizes this, she scans the wall for options.

She bolsters herself up a level to two pink pegs, each supporting two of her paws. She looks up, trying to determine her next step in her journey up the wall.

She jumps right over a bird-shaped peg and onto a large orange base. From there, she has several branches to choose from. After clinging to two green pegs, she slips.

Thankfully, she catches herself just in time and continues on, being a little more cautious with the decisions that follow.

Eventually, Lala pulls herself up to the top of the wall and takes a seat, waving her fluffy tail around in delight. We can consider this cat a professional.

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