Cat And Mouse Remain Best Friends After He Found The Rodent As A Baby

by Grace Eire
Grace plays in a band and is the mother to a black cat named Fitzhugh.

Among the epic rivalries of the world: Capulets and Montagues, Yankees and Red Sox, crunchy and smooth peanut butter, there’s one that takes the cake: cat and mouse.

Cats were originally domesticated so that they could take care of the mice in the house and in the barn. Back before there were exterminators or truly secure building techniques to keep the vermin out, cats were the go-to solution.

Then, there is the infamous duo, Tom and Jerry. The cartoon pitted the two against each other and immortalized the cat-chasing-mouse idea in American cartoon history. We all know how it works out: they set up deadly traps for each other, with neither of them ever coming out on top.

So, the feud lives on.

However, not every cat is created equal, and not every cat will want to continue the centuries-long feud between species. Sometimes, enough is enough, and it’s time to put differences aside.

When Huan the cat found a baby mouse hiding in the house, his owner was shocked when she saw what her feline did next. Instead of discouraging the behavior, this woman did something pretty amazing, too.

Months later? This unlikely duo still hasn’t broken out into any type of fight. Quite the opposite! We could all take a little hint from these two when it comes to putting our differences and our grudges aside.

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