Hero Police Dog Saves His Partner’s Life In A Shootout By Literally Taking A Bullet For Him

by Grace Sisto
Grace Sisto is a writer, undercover unicorn, and lover of music and beautiful soulful things.

Casper took his job as a bomb, SWAT, and patrol K-9 for the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office in Florida very seriously.

Every day, he would head to work ready to put his life on the line for his partner and community.

And one day Casper — who has even even been trusted to protect the life of the President during his career — actually did.

Casper took a bullet that was meant for his partner after gunfire broke out when police tried to apprehend a robbery suspect. The suspect, Phillip O’Shea, had a warrant out of North Carolina for his arrest when he engaged in a shootout with Florida police, according to ABC Local 10 News.

Thankfully, the courageous dog survived, although he did have to wear the infamous “cone of shame” around his neck for a little while during his recovery.

“We’re just happy that this is not a significant trauma and thankful that he’s done well — and appreciative for all that he’s done for the county,” veterinarian Michele Tucker told CBS News.

Casper was presented with the Purple Heart for his heroic deed and happily wagged his tail while receiving the great honor, as his owner held onto his leash and accepted his award.

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