Woman Goes To Casino For The First Time And Ends Up Winning Jackpot On Slot Machine

by Kat Manos
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I guess the phrase “beginner’s luck” exists for a reason!

This past week, in Laveen, Arizona, a woman named Esmeralda Montes visited the Vee Quiva Hotel & Casino for the first time.

The Vee Quiva Hotel is part of the larger Gila River Hotels and Casinos chain, based in Arizona, and Esmeralda was invited by her mother to play.

Apparently, her mother had a “good feeling” about the casino after having won there in the past — her daughter didn’t want to pass up that opportunity!

There, Esmeralda played on the Wheel of Fortune slot machine and fulfilled all her mother’s hopes and dreams when she managed to win the jackpot.

Incredibly shocked, she walked away with a gigantic check for $115,821.20. That’s certainly a big first-time win!

AZ Family reports that the manager of the casino was thrilled to see a guest walk away with so much.

“It’s so exciting to hear the cheers when our guests win,” said Jeff Martin, Vee Quiva General Manager. “And when they are Mega Jackpot winners, it creates a momentum and buzz on the casino floor like no other.”

What would you do if you won $115,000 on your first try?

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Photos: Flickr / Liz Lawley; Twitter / VeeQuivaCasino

Footage provided by KNXV Phoenix

CORRECTION: February 9, 2018

An earlier version of this story mistakenly referred to the Gila River Hotels and Casinos chain as “Gila Hotels and Casinos chain.” 

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