Sisters Mistake Grocery Store Cashier For Maui From ‘Moana’ So He Plays Along

by Lindsey Smith
Lindsey is from Florida and has worked in online and print media. Her happy place is Michaels craft store.

Ryley and Rylyn were grocery shopping with their mom at a Hawaiian Costco when their eyes lit up.

It wasn’t a toy or outfit that stopped them in their tracks, though. Instead, they were freaking out because Maui from the animated Disney movie Moana was right in front of them scanning their items.

If you’ve never seen Moana, you know Maui is a demigod who helps Moana on her journey. In the film, the character is voiced by Dwayne Johnson. As it turns out, the cashier was a spitting image of the beefy character, and the sisters could not contain themselves.

“That’s Maui!” they both yelled while jumping up and down.

Instead of ignoring the sisters, the cashier (whose name is Will) did something amazing. He was more than happy to keep the magic alive and act out part of the movie. He even invited the girls behind the cash register to do it with him. Mom recorded the entire encounter, and you can definitely tell just how special it was for her girls.

According to Babble, the girls’ mom said that many other children have approached him during his shift, and that he stays in character the whole time. As it turns out, he’s not only a cashier: Will uses his uncanny resemblance to the animated character to play Maui at birthday parties.

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Photos: Jukin

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