Carrie Underwood’s Baby Stops Crying When She Sings—But Has The Opposite Response To Her Husband

by Amy Paige
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According to Healthline, babies in the womb have been shown to respond to voices and noise by the 26th week in utero:

“The most significant sound your baby hears in the womb is your voice. In the third trimester, your baby can already recognize it.”

Not a bad deal when your mom is a talented singer like Carrie Underwood. By the time her youngest son Jacob was born in June 2019, he was probably well-acquainted with her beautiful voice — and as you’re about to see, it has become the source of instant comfort and calming.

The 36-year-old country superstar recently posted an adorable video to Instagram showing 5-month-old Jacob crying hysterically whenever her husband, Mike Fisher, sings to him.

Though he’s not exactly vocally gifted, the former NHL player tried to take a page from his wife’s book by crooning Vince Gill’s “I Still Believe in You” over a very fussy Jacob.

No matter what notes Mike tried to hit or how many times he started over, Jacob wasn’t having any of it. It seems like the more Mike sang, the more the baby wailed.

But watch what happens the instant Carrie took over.

“Everyone’s a critic,” she captioned the now-viral clip. So cute.

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