Carrie Underwood Reveals The Silly Nickname Her 4-Year-Old Son Gave Her: Carefree Underwear

by Angela Andaloro

Weekends are really special for families — spending two days without the hustle and bustle of the workweek can really help a person hit reset.

For Carrie Underwood, lazy weekends won’t be in the cards for some time. The mom of two has a lot of work to do.

Carrie only gave birth to son Jacob Bryan on January 21, but the 36-year-old has no time to stop and smell the roses. She’s gearing up for her Cry Pretty Tour 360, which begins in just a few weeks. Carrie’s already talked a bit about the process of getting back into shape for the tour. She’s committed herself to being less critical and calculating and listening to her body and mind to find a good balance instead.

While Carrie did make some time to work out this past weekend, she also made sure to spend lots of quality time with her little ones. During that time, it seems 4-year-old Isaiah came up with a funny nickname for his mama. The precious moments won’t stop once the tour begins, since Carrie’s bringing her little ones on the road.

Carrie Underwood has a lot on her plate. The country singer recently gave birth to her second child, Jacob.

Throughout her pregnancy, she was working hard promoting her new album, Cry Pretty. The tour for the album was postponed due to Carrie’s pregnancy.

Carrie let fans know the tour wouldn’t happen until this spring when she announced her pregnancy last fall. Fans were elated for the country star, who had gone through a rough previous year.

Carrie is enjoying her downtime settling in with her now family of four. With the tour just a few weeks away, however, she’s also had to start preparing.

Carrie recently posted a very powerful caption alongside a photo of herself working out. She discussed the difficulties and pressures behind “bouncing back” after giving birth.

Carrie realized that she needed to respect her body for all it’s done over the past year. She rededicated herself to staying healthy without being so hard on herself.

Carrie shared another workout shot, and it looks like she’s held up on her promise to herself. The shirt she’s wearing in the photo says, “I’m doing this for me,” which is also fitting.

The tank was an unreleased piece from Carrie’s athleisure line, Calia by Carrie. The leggings are also from the line (now on sale for $38.99!).

Aside from working out and cleaning, as she indicated in her post, Carrie has also been spending quality time with her kids.

Carrie took to Twitter to share a funny moment from her weekend. In it, she shared that 4-year-old Isaiah had given her a silly nickname.

Isaiah learned Carrie’s name and decided to put a spin on it of his own. He called her “Carefree Underwear.”

It looks like the silly little boy has some of his mama’s sense of humor. It goes to show you that even superstars aren’t immune to a little teasing now and again.

Carrie’s now officially rehearsing for the Cry Pretty Tour 360. She looks great, and it seems like she’s ready to kick off an energetic tour.

She’ll need a lot of energy. Touring with two kids can’t be easy, but we’re sure Carrie will pull it off.