Wife Slowly Pulls Cloth Off ‘Last-Minute’ Birthday Gift To Reveal Handcrafted Treasure Box

by Jess Catcher
Jess grew up in Oklahoma before moving to New York to become a writer. She has a cat named Agnes.

When our loved ones’ birthdays roll around, a simple Facebook message just won’t do the job. Nope, those who are nearest and dearest to us require much more thought, effort, and of course, plenty of love while considering our options.

While going to the store and finding something that you know they’ll just adore is one way to go, I’ve always been a fan of crafting completely unique items for each occasion. For me, that usually means booting up Photoshop and crafting a silly collage or sentimental photo for my friends and family.

Others prefer to do their DIY off-screen and maybe even get their hands a little dirty, like the parents who completely renovated their daughter’s room for her special day.

Obviously, the man in the video below, who dubs himself “The Samurai Carpenter” on his YouTube channel, would follow suit with his plans for his wife’s upcoming birthday.

As an experienced woodworker, he is very against the idea of shopping for a gift when you can build one yourself.

The timelapse shows each step of the process as he crafts a gorgeous treasure box for his favorite lady. After everything is complete, he gathers his sons to help out with the reveal and teases his wife about the present being “totally last minute.”

Take a look to see the beautiful item and her emotional reaction when she finally uncovers it.

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