Doctor Pushes Pretty Blonde To Look Younger, But Performs Surgery That Makes Her Unrecognizable

by Barbara Diamond
Barbara is a passionate writer and animal lover who has been professionally blogging for over 10 years and counting.

Carol Bryon started getting Botox in her thirties. All she wanted to do was correct the lines between her eyes.

The Botox made a difference while still being subtle, which is exactly what she wanted.

But then doctors told Carol that at her age (she was 47), she should try new injectable fillers to make up for the volume lost in her forehead and cheekbones. Carol’s doctor persuaded her to undergo the procedure. Though she knew the fillers were safe, Carol had no idea that certain fillers are only meant for specific areas.

During the injection, two different fillers were combined in the same syringe and used in places where they shouldn’t have been injected.

One of the fillers was made of silicone.

Over the course of the next three months, Carol noticed her face blowing up and her forehead swelling “like an alien.” She had to tape her eyes open to see.

Corrective procedures only worsened the condition until Carol’s face was completely disfigured. For nearly four years, she isolated herself from friends and family. She never wanted to see her own reflection. “I felt like a monster,” she said. “I wore hats and scarves, always had sunglasses on, hoping that at some point I would be able to look in the mirror again and recognize myself.”

In 2013, Carol’s daughter Sofia decided enough was enough. She took photos of her mom and sent them to hospitals across the country, begging for help. But no one wanted to take on Carol’s case.

Then one day, a hospital wrote back. The video below, courtesy of The Doctors, spotlights what happened in the next chapter of Carol’s journey.

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