85-Year-Old Carol Burnett Picks Up 24th Emmy Nom, Dishes On What She’ll Do If She Wins

by Shellie Renee'

When it comes to how great we think a celebrity is, nine times out of 10, awesomeness is in the eye of the beholder.

But when it comes to six-time Emmy-award-winner comedian and actor Carol Burnett, we all can agree that she truly is one of the best to ever do it. Do what? Leave us in stitches.

As this 85-year-old is in the process of enjoying her 24th Emmy nomination (thanks to her 50th anniversary special), fans both young and old can’t help but to reflect on her career. From the iconic Carol Burnett Show, which premiered in 1967 and ran for 11 seasons, to her child-friendly Netflix series, A Little Help With Carol Burnett, she truly shows no sign of slowing down any time soon.

In fact, even with all that Carol has already accomplished, when she was asked whom she’d still like to work with, she quickly answered, “Meryl Streep.” Join the club, Carol!

But perhaps the best thing about this amazing woman is that beyond her talent and one-of-a-kind comedic style, Burnett comes across as something that continues to be rare in La La Land — she’s humble.

When asked what she’d want to do if she won another Emmy, she said that she’d want to have “a nice dinner out.”

When asked how she feels about how revered she is in the industry, her conclusion was, “If I’d never been born, these people would be doing what I’m doing.”

And what is the legacy that she wants to leave behind? It’s simple and beautiful.

“She made me smile. Made me laugh when I was down.”

You’ve done just that, many times over, Ms. Burnett.

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