Caretaker Moves Into Veteran’s Home Only To Kick Him Out In The Cold And Move Her Family In

by June Rivers
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Don Cameron is an 81-year-old US Army veteran. He has several health issues, and up until recently, he lived with his wife, who has Alzheimer’s and is now in a nursing home.

The elderly Pittsburgh man recently placed his trust in a home health aide named Melissa Miller, hoping she’d provide him care at his house, which he owned.

But after the aide began visiting Don, things took a shocking and disturbing turn. Melissa apparently told him her family needed a temporary place to stay. Don agreed — but then, Melissa moved into Don’s house with her husband, six children, and their pets.

Not only that, but Melissa convinced Don to give her the power of attorney, which put her in control of his finances. She and her family began using his credit cards to make thousands of dollars in purchases. Meanwhile, all of Don’s bills and utilities went unpaid, piling up as the months passed.

Don then suffered a heart attack, but when he returned home, he says the Millers refused to provide care for him and claimed the house was no longer safe for him.

Instead, they reportedly dropped him and his two dogs off at another apartment without a bed or food. He was hungry and exhausted.

That’s when the apartment complex manager contacted Don’s stepdaughter, Nadine, and explained the situation; Don’s home, his cars and his property had been taken from him.

“They’ve stripped everything from this man,” Nadine said with tears in her eyes. “He worked for this his whole life… it’s gone.”

The Miller family has reportedly refused to leave Don’s house despite being told to vacate several times.

In the video below, CBS Pittsburgh got a glimpse inside the home and made another shocking discovery.

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