How To Make Delicious Caramel Apple Bowls That Your Kids Will Love!

by Caitlin E. Harrington
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Caitlin is an Arizona native currently residing in Phoenix. Pilates, cycling, cooking and watching YouTube beauty videos fill up her free time. Cute dogs are her weakness.

If your family is anything like mine, when the holidays come around you know just what to expect when it comes to the food. They are those extra special recipes you get to enjoy once or twice a year and then they are gone, never to be seen again until the holiday season is back.

They’re recipes like mom’s pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving, prime rib on Christmas Eve, or that awesome homemade chocolate cake you get every year for your birthday.

Growing up, I always looked forward to these meals and treats, the ones that were tradition in my family, but my all time favorite wasn’t served during the “big” holidays. Being the sweet lover that I am, Halloween was always my favorite holiday, because in addition to dressing up and collecting candy, my mom would always make the biggest and best caramel apples.

If you have never made one of these bad boys before, you may not realize just how much work is involved, and how big of a mess they make.

That’s why these awesome caramel apple bowls are going to be my new favorite thing EVER!

By scooping out the apple and filling them with the caramel, rather than dunking an entire apple in the gooey stuff, you eliminate all the mess. Serving them with sliced apples is also absolutely genius because if you have ever tried to eat a caramel apple off of a stick, you know that it’s not a pretty sight to see!

My family’s traditions may be tried and true, but I think I may have a new one that is a guaranteed hit!

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