Mom Of 4 Who’s Terrified Of Abusive Husband Builds New Home For Them By Watching Youtube

by Barbara Diamond
Barbara is a passionate writer and animal lover who has been professionally blogging for over 10 years and counting.

For many years, Cara Brookins was married to a man whom she describes as abusive, controlling and violent.

She even says he “descended into full-blown paranoid schizophrenia.”

By 2008, Cara and her four kids — who were 17, 15, 11 and 2 — felt trapped inside their own home. The only way out of the situation was to physically leave — but Cara knew she couldn’t afford to purchase a new home that would fit all five of them.

Fed up with living in fear, Cara took the kids and moved with them into a small, cramped home near Little Rock, Arkansas.

That’s when Cara made a life-changing realization.

“I had rented this cabin for a Thanksgiving getaway,” she told CBS News. “And driving there, we passed this house that had been ravaged by a tornado. It was this beautiful dream house and it was sort of wide open. You don’t often get the opportunity to see the interior workings of a house, but looking at these 2-by-4s and these nails, it just looked so simple.

I thought, ‘I could put this wall back up if I really tried. Maybe I should just start from scratch.'”

Over the course of the next nine months, and with the help of YouTube tutorials and her four kids — Cara did the unthinkable.

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