Camera Catches Thieves Stealing Car With ‘Relay Hack’ While Key Fob Is Still Inside Owner’s Home

by Lindsey Smith
Lindsey is from Florida and has worked in online and print media. Her happy place is Michaels craft store.

If you’ve purchased or leased a new car lately, you probably use a keyless ignition fob to start your car.

While this new convenience is nice, it’s also an easy way for car thieves to steal your vehicle. Home security footage from England shows two men successfully stealing a car using cheap “relay” box equipment they purchased online.

The boxes are able to pick up the signal from key fobs and “relay” it back to the box next to the car. Then, just like that, the car unlocks.

“It makes it look like the key fob is right next to the car, so the car opens,” said Ken Colburn of Data Doctors.

Keyless ignition fobs are constantly sending out signals, which makes it easier for people to steal cars.

“[Thieves] know most people store their car keys near an entrance,” Ken explained. The closer your fob is to the front door, therefore, the easier it is for thieves to pick up the signal and have access to your car.

To avoid being a victim of such a high-tech car theft, it’s best to keep your key fob far away from the car. If you need to have it close, Ken suggests putting it in a cocktail shaker or any other metal canister that can completely surround the key fob.

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Footage provided by KNXV Phoenix

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