Ohio Mom Shares Her Scary Car Seat Mistake To Caution Others

by Anna Halkidis
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A woman in Ohio is hoping to help fellow moms by sharing a photo on Facebook of what could’ve been a devastating accident.

Lindsey Wisnewski explained that she was getting ready to put her preschooler in her car seat, which was situated on a shopping cart at the time. Before Wisnewski was able to, the shopping cart tipped over from the wind and knocked over the car seat.

The mom snapped a picture to stress how unsafe it is to strap car seats on shopping carts. Much like buckling a child in a car seat the wrong way, there can be heartbreaking consequences. And the Consumer Product Safety Commission advises moms to avoid this shopping cart mistake at all costs.

“The cart has a narrow wheel base in relation to its height, so the center of gravity is affected when you put a child in it,” said child safety expert Debra Holtzman, according to “When your child’s car seat is on top of it, the center of gravity is affected even more, increasing the chances of tipping.”

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use the grocery cart seat. With thousands of children entering the emergency room each year in the United States because of a shopping cart fall (sometimes a fatal one), it’s just important to take proper precautions.

The CPSC recommends always supervising children while in the cart seat and making sure they are strapped in with a seat belt. Additionally, it says to never let a child sit in the cart basket.

See the photo below…

The mom shared: “So this just happened. I was strapping my preschooler into his car seat and the wind slightly caught one wheel and the weight of the infant car seat pulled the whole thing down over the curb. No worries  I was wearing A in my baby carrier so she was not in the car seat at the time (which is the only reason I had it up there in the first place).

Please, please, please parents do not put the car seat on the top part of the cart! Any car seat technician will tell you that it’s extremely unsafe. I post this PSA without judgement, as I myself did this with both boys. Up until about 2 years ago, I thought the seat was safe since it clicks into place. But the car seat in the picture was “locked” into place.

(And sure, had my baby actually been in the seat, I wouldn’t have left it unattended. But accidents happen in the blink of an eye.)”

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