Driver Who Slammed Into Woman’s Car Asks Her Out On A Date And 4 Years Later They Get Married

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

A couple’s love story is making headlines after they met in a very unusual way.

According to Inside Edition, in December 2013, Jennifer Lind was driving when she skidded on black ice, losing control of her car.

She ended up crashing into a barrier.

Nicholas Angelus was right behind her, and couldn’t stop in time. He ended up crashing into her car.

A dazed Jennifer remembers that after the impact, her door opened .

“I looked out my passenger side and there were headlights coming at me,” she told Inside Edition. “Before I knew it, someone opened my door. Nicholas had been in the car behind me. He was the first one to hit me.”

Nicholas offered his coat and the backseat of his car to keep her warm — and the rest is history.

They were both lucky to be alive, but there was something else on Nicholas’s mind: it was love at first sight.

He tried calling Jennifer several times, who thought that he wanted to sue for the damages to his car. But he just wanted to ask her out on date!

When they finally did go on that date, sparks flew: the couple’s bond grew stronger every day, and this past October, almost 4 years after that fateful day, they got hitched!

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Photos: Inside Edition

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