Pregnant Mom Reaches Between Legs During Car Ride And Sees Baby Wrapped In Amniotic Sac

by Amy Paige
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In August 2017, a Pittsburgh mom named Raelin Scurry was only 29 weeks pregnant when she felt sudden contractions.

At first, she figured they were Braxton-Hicks and assumed they’d pass… but the contractions only became more frequent and severe.

Raelin and her fiancé Ean jumped into the car, but Raelin felt a strong urge to push on the way to the hospital.

Terrified, she called 911, but the operator couldn’t understand her between the screams and contractions. She handed the phone to Ean, pulled her pants down and reached between her legs. That’s when she felt her baby’s head crowning.

One more push and her newborn son was out — but when Raelin looked down, she realized he was still encased in his amniotic sac! This happens only once in every 80,000 babies, and it’s called an “en caul” birth. Ean was so shocked by the sight of his baby in the sac that he quickly snapped a photo that eventually went viral.

The 911 dispatcher urged the frantic couple to pull over, but Raelin knew they’d make it to the hospital before the ambulance would make it to them.

The new family-of-three continued driving to the hospital, hoping and praying everything would be OK.

“The human body is truly an amazing thing,” Raelin said.

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