Use Spray Paint To Craft Adorable Candy Corn Bottles For Fall

by Angel Chang
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When it comes to decorating for Halloween, there’s an overwhelming amount of ideas out there. No doubt you probably started scouring the internet and home décor magazines for inspiration weeks ago and already have a pile of ideas.

However, a lot of decorating ideas out there can be unnecessarily difficult — and I love to make quick and easy crafts, like these adorable pumpkin candles.

In an exclusive video below, we show you one of the cutest and simplest crafts I’ve ever seen: candy corn-hued decorative bottles!

To make this easy DIY project, just find an old wine bottle and spray the entire surface with white paint. Once the paint has settled, paint the two lower thirds of the bottle a dark orange color and let that dry.

Lastly, paint the base of the bottle yellow. You’ll end up with three sections — white on the top, orange in the middle, and yellow on the bottom, to mimic the look of a candy corn.

Scroll down to watch the simple video tutorial below, and to see some of our favorite designs from Melissa Yates and the lovely people at Martinka Crystalware.

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You can fill these bottles with water and flowers and use them as regular vases, like lifestyle brand Martinka Crystalware.

DIY candy corn wine bottles

Or, you can do what blogger and mommy Melissa Yates did and use them as tabletop decorations.

DIY candy corn wine bottles

Whatever you use these bottles for, we're sure that they will look fabulous in your home!

DIY candy corn wine bottles

Will you be following this tutorial to make your own beautiful candy corn bottle? Let us know!

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