A Man Melted Candy Corn On Frozen Pizza And No One Can Agree If It’s Genius Or Just Plain Gross

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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It’s officially Halloween season, which means it’s time for candy!

While most people love everything from peanut butter cups to chocolate bars and chewy fruit candies, there’s one specific Halloween treat that people can’t agree on.

You know which treat I’m talking about: candy corn.

Some people absolutely love candy corn and could eat multiple bags of it, while others are disgusted by just the smell of it.

Well, a candy corn lover decided to divide the internet even further when he put the sweet, waxy candy on top of his pizza.

Of course, he couldn’t just put it on normal pizza (which everyone agrees is delicious). No, he had to go with frozen pizza.

He even melted the candy corn into the pizza!

When he posted pictures of his Halloween creation on Twitter, people reacted very strongly.

Scroll through below to learn more about this unique, sweet and savory creation.

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candy corn

No matter how you feel about Halloween, you almost certainly have an opinion on the most controversial holiday snack: candy corn.

Everyone seems to either love or hate this unique treat.

frozen pizza

People have a lot of opinions on frozen pizza as well.

Nearly everyone loves pizza, but some people can’t stand the frozen version.

jar candy corn

Now a man has combined the two divisive foods by putting candy corn on top of a frozen pizza.

And since he put the candy on the pizza before cooking it, the sweet candy melted into the pizza, mixing with the cheese.

pizza tweet

He shared photos of the candy corn pizza on Twitter and quickly earned a massive response from strangers across the web.

To date, the post has over 35,000 likes, 15,000 reactions, and 2,800 comments.

pizza candy corn

Most of the comments were arguments about whether this pizza creation looked delicious or disgusting.

Nobody could agree, but everyone had an opinion.

finished pizza

One guy was so disturbed by the pizza that he wrote, “Blocked and reported.”

But another guy was blown away and wrote: “we have to make this.”

Even DiGiorno Pizza got in on the argument, explaining they definitely were not in support of this unique pizza.

Although a lot of people think the pizza looks disgusting, others can’t wait to make it for themselves.

better than pineapple

So, do candy corn and pizza go together?

It may be the season for this wacky treat, but it’s giving a lot of people quite a scare.

pizza and candy corn

Would you eat this candy corn pizza?

Do you know someone else who would eat it?

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