People Are Melting Candy Canes Onto Frozen Pizza And The Internet Can’t Handle It

by Kate Taylor
Kate is a writer who laughs at her own jokes and likes to pour too much hot sauce on her food.

Part of the joy of cooking is combining flavors and ingredients that you wouldn’t normally think of putting together.

For example, things like chocolate and bacon, or salt and pepper on apples — these may sound a little strange, but they actually taste delicious!

That said, there are plenty of food combinations that do not get most of our mouths watering.

Twitter user David Sanchez recently shared some photos of a frozen pizza that shocked pretty much everyone who looked at them online.

Why? Because the pizza was topped with melted candy canes.

In his defense, it is always fun to incorporate the flavors of the season into your everyday dishes, but something about cheese, tomato, and mint is a little eyebrow-raising.

According to Spangler Candy Canes, there is nothing but sugar, corn syrup, natural flavor, and food coloring in candy canes, which, on paper, doesn’t make it too offensive of an ingredient.

However, you might change your mind when you see the real thing.

David posted this tweet with the caption, “‘Tis the season…to be jolly, my dudes.”

The pizza in all honestly looks pretty appetizing, until you realize how it was made.

What may look tomatoey and cheesy from a distance once it’s been cooked is actually… melted candy canes.

Candy canes are a delicious addition to a cake or candy cane bark (of course), but it’s unclear where exactly the pizza topping inspiration came from.

In fact, it would even make more sense to have some strange, salty-flavored candy canes, like these pickle ones.

Whatever your flavor preference, this pizza lover makes it look like it might actually be worth a try.

Although DiGiorno applauded David’s creativity, they made their true feelings about the creation clear with this tweet pinned to the top of their profile.

That being said, the general consensus was none too pleased with the unusual combination.

This user makes a valid point.

Toothpaste and cheese don’t combine for a flavor profile most of us would create on purpose.

Would you try candy cane pizza?

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