Infertile Dad Wants To Have Kids, Then Remembers He Froze His Sperm 20 Years Before

by Kristin Avery
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Every day is father’s day for one lucky dad in Denver. Jason Kotas survived childhood cancer and twenty years later being a dad is a dream come true.

Jason and Emily Kotas are smitten with their miracle baby Sam. In 1995, Jason was diagnosed with bone cancer. He had a baseball-sized tumor behind his left shoulder and underwent surgery at Children’s Hospital Colorado, radiation and a year of chemotherapy, which likely left him sterile.

As a teenager, having a baby was the last thing on Jason’s mind. But his parents convinced him to preserve his fertility by banking sperm.

Fifteen years later, Jason returned to Children’s Hospital Colorado to manage emergency services.

He met and fell in love with Emily who worked in the hospital’s foundation. Once married, Jason and Emily longed for a baby.

Thanks to Jason’s parents planning and foresight, they were able to retrieve his twenty-year-old sperm from a Colorado lab and Emily conceived through in-vitro fertilization.

“It’s fascinating that half of little Sam was created 20 plus years ago,” said Emily, joyfully.

Jason and his parents survived the horror of childhood cancer and still managed to create hope for the future. Sam is a precious miracle and his proud parents would love to give him a sibling some day.

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