Can Dogs Eat Strawberries? Yes, But Here’s The Safest Way

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Strawberry season is in full swing, which means it’s the perfect time to have them in your kitchen. Strawberries have plenty of health benefits and can be prepared in so many ways.

However, it can be a little hard to enjoy your healthy snack when your puppy’s eyes are on your every bite. So, can dogs eat strawberries, or not?

The good news is, your dog can share this experience with you! No more guilty feelings as you munch on sweet juicy strawberries and watch your puppy drool. Dogs can eat strawberries, too — but only in moderation, and with the right preparation! Dog bodies are different than ours, meaning they can eat some of the same foods we can, but need to stay away from others (such as onions).

Check below to learn how you can let your dog eat strawberries in a way that will not only be safe but also beneficial.

Can Dogs Have Strawberries?

Feeding dog strawberries
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Yes, they can. In fact, strawberries are good for dogs.

Strawberries are full of fiber, vitamin C, and other good properties. Over long periods of time they can help strengthen your doggy’s immune system and overall health, as well as reduce the effects of aging.

As the vets from PetMD explain, “Replacing your pet’s dense, high-fat, packaged treats with healthy treats like fruits and vegetables will be one of the most beneficial things you do for your pet.”

Packaged treats are high in salt, fat, and other artificial additives. They’re also not great for your puppy’s teeth.

Therefore, fewer prepackaged treats from the shop and more fresh strawberries — in moderation, that is. Though they’re healthy, too many strawberries can actually upset your dog’s stomach.

Start with only small pieces of strawberry at first, as it can take a while for your dog to adapt to this new ingredient in their diet.

Are Some Dogs Allergic To Strawberries?

Dog at vet
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Yes, they are.

Truth be told, the best and safest thing to do before you begin giving your dog strawberries is talk with your vet. Certain breeds are more prone to food allergies, and you should make sure your puppy isn’t one of them.

If your dog manages to get into a pack of strawberries without your noticing, then watch out for these food allergy signs:

  •      Itchy skin
  •      Vomiting
  •      Diarrhea

If any of these occur, contact your vet immediately.

Health Benefits Of Strawberries For Dogs

Health Benefits Of Strawberries For Dogs
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Giving strawberries instead of packaged treats to your pooch is beneficial in more ways than one.

As mentioned before, strawberries are great for your dog’s immune system and are a big help with graceful aging. They are also excellent for managing your four-legged friend’s weight.

Strawberries are rich in potassium, iodine, magnesium, and fiber, according to WebMD. They contain vitamins B1, B6, C, and K.

So, the next time you are munching on these red seedy treats full of goodness, you can share them with your doggy and be sure it will only do them good.

How Should Strawberries Be Served To Dogs?

Removing strawberry stems
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It is always best to remove the stems, as they can cause minor stomach discomfort. We don’t eat the stems either, do we?

Then simply chop the strawberries into small pieces to prevent possible choking and to help with digestion.

When introducing this new ingredient to your doggy’s diet, you should start in very small quantities. You don’t want to shock their digestive system or cause an allergic reaction. Over time, you can increase the number of strawberries you give to your dog, but always make sure you don’t give too many. Although strawberries contain natural sugar, too much of it is still no good.

When Are Strawberries Bad For Dogs?

Dog looks at canned strawberries and yogurt
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Strawberries that are canned or in syrup are bad for your dog. They contain all sorts of sweeteners and artificial additives that will only damage your dog’s health instead of improve it.

Same goes for strawberry ice cream, yogurts, jams, and so on. Most of these products only replicate strawberries’ taste but don’t actually have all the beneficial nutrients. In other words, if the strawberries are not fresh, they are bad for your dog.

Strawberry Dog Treat Recipe

A homemade dog treat

If you want to keep things exciting for your pooch, or the summer days are getting just a little bit too hot, here’s a wonderful way to tackle both problems: Berry Pawpsicles!

Follow this super-easy recipe to make a great treat for your doggy and yourself that will make the sweet summer days even sweeter.