Woman Runs Up To Dog On Street And Yells Her Name — Then Pup Recognizes Her From 11 Years Ago

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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Losing your beloved dog is heartbreaking, no matter what the situation. But imagine the emotions you would feel if you reunited with your long-lost dog years later, completely out of the blue.

Unbelievably, that’s what happened to Kate Griffin.

When Kate was younger, her parents made the hard decision to give their dog, Cami, away.

Heartbroken, Kate thought she would never see her beloved pet again. But years later, when she was walking down the street, Kate saw Cami. She couldn’t believe her eyes: Her long-lost dog was standing right in front of her, held on a leash by a stranger.

Keep reading to find out how this remarkable reunion went down.

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Kate Griffin

According to The Dodo, Kate Griffin and her family adopted Cami, an adorable puppy, when Kate was in elementary school.

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But five years later, Kate’s parents went through a divorce. Kate and her sister split their time between their mom’s house and their dad’s house, but Cami, who was not allowed in Dad’s house, lived at home with Mom.

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One day, Mom sat Kate and her sister down to tell them something hard. Kate explained to The Dodo, “After some time, my mom said that it was too stressful for Cami to see us one week and then not the next, and because of it, she was acting out. So she made the decision to give her to our sitter to take care of.”

This meant that Cami would have a steady place to live with someone who could give her consistent attention. It also meant the girls could visit her occasionally. One day, however, Kate and her sister discovered Cami was no longer living with their sitter.

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The sitter could no longer take care of Cami. She arranged an adoption with a loving family who could give Cami all the love and attention that she deserved.

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Even though this was the best thing to do for Cami, Kate and her sister were devastated. They missed her dearly — until one day, 11 years later, when fate changed everything.

Kate's post on Dogspotting

Kate posted in the popular Facebook group Dogspotting. She was walking home when she saw a dog that looked remarkably like her Cami. When she went to speak to the dog walker, she learned that the pup’s name was, in fact, Cami.

The more she spoke to the dog walker, the more she realized that this was her Cami. The Dodo reports that Cami didn’t seem to recognize Kate at first. But after hearing her say her name over and over again, Cami started to lick Kate’s face eagerly.

Kate and Cami

Kate walked all the way home with Cami and the dog walker. She told The Dodo, “She said she’d run viciously in circles in the backyard whenever she’d go outside, and that’s exactly what she did as a puppy. It was really amazing hearing that she hadn’t changed a bit, really. I was so grateful to this woman for letting me reunite with my pup.”

This is such an amazing reunion! I’m so happy that Cami is living her best life and that Kate got to see her again!

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