Cameraman Is Covering Elderly Abuse Story. Finds Kidnapped Baby Abandoned On Hot Pavement

by Amy P
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The news crew from 8 On Your Side was cracking down on a case of elderly abuse in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Photojournalist Michael Egger was waiting for an alleged victim outside a nursing home when he happened to notice something very strange sitting on the pavement outside an apartment complex. An infant’s car seat had been placed on the scalding hot concrete.

Michael then noticed baby toes popping out of the carrier. At first, he thought it was a plastic doll… until he saw the toes wiggling.

No one was around. Michael frantically knocked on nearby doors, but no one answered.

It was far too hot outside in the Florida sun for a baby to be abandoned and exposed like this!

“We’re both fathers, and Egger’s paternal instincts – not his journalistic ones – immediately kicked in,” wrote Marc Douglas of WFLA. “This was initially not a news story — it was a living, breathing, brown-eyed baby boy left on the hot asphalt of a parking lot with a bottle of formula tucked under his arm and no adult in sight. Not good.”

When police arrived, the news team discovered the shocking truth behind the lone baby. The crew clearly had a change of plans and reported live about the stunning remarkable turn of events…


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