Dad Walks Into Twins’ Nursery In Middle Of Night, Then Notices Both Cribs Are Empty

by Rebecca Endicott
Becca is a writer and aspirational dog owner living in NYC.

A pair of parents made a remarkable discovery recently when they went back through the footage on the family nanny cam and realized they had accidentally captured a hilarious event: a wild toddler party in action!

Kids really, really hate going to bed. Every parent who has ever read Curious George books for hours on end to an insomniac toddler knows this to be true.

Still, staying up late with a clingy kiddo is better than the alternative: suspicious, ominous silence.

That’s exactly what Mom and Dad learned when they put their twin toddlers Andrew and Ryan down for the night with the nanny cam silently recording in the corner of the nursery.

The twins were good for all of about two seconds. Then the party started. Both 2-year-old tots scrambled out of bed, demonstrating that “baby-proof” is a relative term.

Then they went hog wild with a late-night toddler party. We are talking high-level shenanigans.

They pulled up all the cushions in the room, then piled them in the middle of the floor. They hopped into bed, then out of bed. They danced. At one point, one twin stepped on his brother.

They even used their twin telepathy to form a genius plan to block Mom and Dad from coming in and ruining the fun.

Honestly, this is a party we sort of wish we’d been invited to. Check it out in the video below, and don’t forget to SHARE with every long-suffering parent you know!

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