Panicked Drivers Are Fleeing For Their Lives From Wildfire When A Hero Emerges From The Smoke

by Amy Paige
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As the wildfires rage on in Northern California, destroying homes, businesses, and land, it’s incredible to see stories of those doing whatever they can to help others.

When a wind-sparked grass fire took over a freeway near Sacramento, distraught drivers were tasked with having to escape the raging flames.

Ambulances whizzed by the gridlocked traffic. The fire drew closer, and the temperature rose. And motorists were left completely disoriented; they could barely see through the smoke-filled air and had no idea in what direction they were going.

Cars were burnt to a crisp after drivers abandoned their vehicles along the freeway, searching for an escape route.

Then, out of the dense, smoke-filled air, a Good Samaritan named Gerald Contreras appeared. He could see the fear on the faces of those desperate to escape and knew what he needed to do.

“A lot of the cars were trying to get away from the median, and they were going to the shoulder. And then the fire caught on the shoulder as well and they were trapped,” Gerald told ABC7 News. “People just had that unknown that was scaring them, and they wanted out.”

Gerald proceeded to help as many strangers as he could that day while filming the terrifying escape — and now he’s being hailed a hero for his selfless act.

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