Rescuers Find Pregnant Bear Burned By Wildfire So They Use Fish Skin To Heal Her Paws

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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In late 2017, the state of California was ravaged by wildfires. One particular wildfire, the Thomas Fire, took quite a toll on Southern California. The flames destroyed houses and lives, and also made places that wildlife once called home totally uninhabitable. While firefighters worked hard to put out the blaze and bring people home, other rescuers did their best to keep the animals out of danger.

One of those rescued animals was a 200-pound bear who, according to USA Today, wandered into a backyard near Ojai, California, a few days after the Thomas Fire began. The bear’s paws were badly burned, and she was looking for a safe place to stay.

Luckily, rescuers nearby swooped in to help. They picked up the injured bear and drove her to safety at the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s lab in Rancho Cordova, USA Today reports.

Dr. Deana Clifford, senior wildlife veterinarian with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, told USA Today that the bear’s burned paws were “extremely painful.” She knew something had to be done to help her, so a team of veterinarians got to work. Thanks to some amazing science and technology, the vets were able to use sterilized fish skin and homemade salves to cover up and heal the burned parts of the bear’s paws. Where there had once been open wounds from burns, there was now a fish skin covering!

USA Today reports that yet another bear, this one heavily pregnant, came to the Department within two weeks. The pregnant bear went underneath the same treatment, and soon both bears were back on their feet. Now, they’re living in new homes, and the pregnant mama even gave birth to her little baby cub!

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Photos: USA Today — Animalkind

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