People Are Accusing A California Pet Rescue Of Only Letting Celebrities Adopt ‘The A-Class Dogs’

by Stephanie Kaloi

It started when Kris Jenner recently revealed that she adopted a poodle from Wagmor Pets, a California pet grooming, boarding, and rescue organization in Studio City.

Then Chrissy Teigen and husband John Legend shared that they had also adopted a puppy from the same litter and the same organization.

Then people started piecing celebrity pet adoptions together and realized that a whole bunch of celebrities have all adopted their pets through the same organization. Comments started streaming in, and they weren’t very nice.

“So are these dogs only going to be available for celebrities?” one commenter asked on Instagram.

Another chimed in, “Seems as if only the rich and famous get the A class dogs.”

Owner Melissa Bacelar was quick to defend her organization. Inside Edition asked her, “Are you giving celebrities first choice of the cute dogs?”

Melissa replied, “It’s not that we gave preferential treatment to celebrities. It’s that these are people that can provide good homes for the dogs.”

Inside Edition continued, “How did Chrissy get the dog? How did Kris get the dog? Did Ellen say, ‘I’ve got these two friends, I want you to talk to them?'”

Melissa answered, “That’s actually exactly how it happened. Ellen texted me.”

It makes sense that celebrities would recommend an organization that they know and love. Also, Chrissy and Kris Jenner are good friends, and apparently, after Chrissy met Kris’ dog, she asked where Kris found her. It could be possible that celebrities like to get recommendations from people they know and trust before making major life commitments like bringing a pet into the family. You know, just like the rest of us.

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