Firefighters Rescue 13 Ducklings From Storm Drain After Churchgoers Hear Cries And Call 911

by Kim Wong-Shing
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Firefighters rescued 13 ducklings from a storm drain in California, because rescuing ducklings is apparently firefighters’ main job now!

It happened on a Sunday in Chula Vista, California. A group of people walking out of church service saw an adult duck standing near a storm drain, and they heard baby ducks crying from underneath the grate. The ducklings may have fallen through the holes in the grate while walking through the parking lot.

But they didn’t have to stay stuck down there for long! A church security guard called 911 for assistance, and firefighters showed up to rescue the baby ducks.

Unlike the duck-rescuing firefighters in Florida who had to reach into a storm drain with their bare hands, these firefighters had a less-messy plan, thanks to Chula Vista Animal Care, which provided a net for the firefighters to use to lift the 13 ducklings out one by one.

The team has plenty of practice. Jaime Valles, an animal control officer in the area, says that duckling rescues happen two or three times a year.

All 13 ducklings survived the ordeal, but unfortunately, they never made it back to their mother. The mama duck was scared off during the rescue, and animal control couldn’t find her to reunite her with her babies.

For now, the ducklings are with the San Diego Humane Society’s Project Wildlife. They’ll be given plenty of TLC there until they’re old enough to go into the wild on their own.

Footage provided by KSWB San Diego

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