Dad Asked For Directions When Man Killed Him In Front Of Son Who Spent 30 Hours Hiding In Forest

by Amy Paige
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Ari Gershman was a loving family man with a wife and three children. He was also a doctor who ran clinical trials for lifesaving medications.

He dedicated his life to his family and helping others.

But in July 2020, the Gershman family was forever changed.

Ari was so excited to take his brand-new Jeep on an off-roading excursion with his 15-year-old son, Jack. The pair headed off to a remote area of the Tahoe National Forest.

At one point, a man randomly pulled up behind them. Ari was simply going to ask him for some directions when the man suddenly took out a gun, opened fire, and shot and killed him.

Jack, after having just witnessed his father’s murder, spent the next 30 hours hiding in the wilderness.

Once authorities found the teenage boy, they discovered how Jack was able to survive all that time and under such extreme and tragic circumstances.

Now Ari’s wife Paige must raise their three children as a single mother while grieving the sudden loss of her incredible husband. And to make this story even more heartbreaking, she is currently undergoing chemotherapy after having been recently diagnosed with cancer.

If you would like to help the Gershman family with funeral and counseling expenses, please visit the official GoFundMe page.

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