Calf Suddenly Falls To Ground While On A Walk, But Handler Knows It’s Just A Game

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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Daisy the calf really, really doesn’t want to take a walk.

Lily Hamilton is a dairy farmer in Livingston, Montana. As a farmer, part of Lily’s job is handling animals and making sure they’re safe, happy, and healthy. However, there are times the animals she cares for just don’t want to do their own jobs.

Lily said she had to transfer Daisy the calf from one pen to another, but the sweet little calf is known on the farm for being a bit stubborn, with a flair for the dramatic.

Daisy wanted to be the one to lead the way, and Lily was having trouble getting her to go where she needed to be. Knowing that Daisy likes to make a funny scene sometimes, Lily took out her camera while walking the calf.

In the short video below, Lily tugs gently on Daisy’s harness, but the calf will not follow directions. Lily struggles with Daisy for a few short seconds before Daisy decides she’s had enough. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Hilariously, Daisy decides that the best way to get out of taking a walk is to fake her own death.

Don’t worry, Daisy is totally fine, and apparently she’s done this before. The video is adorable, so check it out below to see for yourself!

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