These Awesome Cake Pops Turn Everyone’s Favorite Disney Characters Into Delicious Treats

by Angela Andaloro

For many kids and many adults, Disney is a huge part of life. The films produced by Disney feature stories that are near and dear to our hearts, teaching us life lessons and filling us with joy.

It’s pretty common to see people incorporating Disney into all areas of their lives nowadays. There are Disney homewares, Disney jewelry, Disney-themed weddings, and Disney birthdays. Disney just launched Disney+ where you can stream tons of Disney content whenever your heart desires. Sign up for a free 7-day trial here!

Now, thanks to some incredibly crafty culinary experts, there are all sorts of Disney desserts. Desserts have truly become an art form.

When adding Disney into the mix, you know that bakers will go all out. One of the most popular desserts right now is cake pops. The small but sweet desserts are delicious and don’t make you feel guilty for indulging.

Cake pop makers have found a way to make a little bit go a long way, with some masterful Disney-themed designs that will have you seriously craving a bite.

The phenomenon that was Frozen is gearing up for a second go. The sequel to the Disney hit is due out this November, making it the perfect time to build a snowman out of cake! The dress-shaped pops are also a nice way to show which sister is your favorite.

These Aladdin-themed cake pops have some seriously incredible details. They almost remind you of your favorite ice-cream truck treat, but they’re all buttercream and cake inside! The way these cake pops are designed open up a whole new world of possibilities.

Even Disney villains can have a sweet side! These simplistic cake pops offer just enough detail for you to show love to your favorite antagonist. We’re loving the horns on the Maleficent pop, which would be the perfect treat for when Maleficent: Mistress of Evil comes out this fall!

These sweet coach cake pops will make you feel like you’re in the middle of your own Cinderella-style fairy tale! We can’t help but wonder if they’d turn into pumpkins if you didn’t eat them all by midnight.

These minimalist cake pops give you just enough detail to show love to Mickey and his best buddies. They really nail the details of all the classic characters’ most notable attributes, like the bows on Minnie and Daisy.

These Toy Story cake pops show love to the newest characters from Toy Story 4, as well as all your favorites from the earlier films. The Toy Story saga may finally be complete, but we’ll be loving these characters to infinity and beyond.

These cute cake pops celebrate all of your favorites from a galaxy far, far away. They may be relatively new to the Disney family, but Star Wars characters are now some of the most popular Disney characters, especially with Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker coming out this December.

It may still be summer, but fall will be here before you know it. With fall comes Halloween and the perfect movie to celebrate from October through December. These Nightmare Before Christmas characters are spooky but still totally adorable.

You can’t deny that you’d be willing to go down the rabbit hole for these cake pops. These are really fun because Alice in Wonderland is filled with so much vivid imagery. They look like they’d fit in perfectly at any tea party.

These cake pops sweep you up in a tale as old as time and twirl you around the ballroom. The coloring of them is a spot-on match to the beautiful gold and blue we’ve come to associate with Beauty and the Beast.

Disney fans are often accused of having Peter Pan syndrome. Embrace the choice to never grow up with these sweet cake pops. Get lost with Wendy — or cause some mischief with Tinkerbell — and enjoy a sweet treat along the way.

These Monsters Inc. cake pops are just as scarily sweet as the monsters themselves. The characters from the original film are captured with the utmost detail, and they’re off the chart on the Scare-O-Meter.

Inside Out was an amazing success at getting kids and adults in touch with their feelings. These cake pops really capture those feelings. Whether you’re all about joy or feeling a little sadness, these sweet cake pops will bring a smile to your face.

Assembling these cake pops couldn’t be easy, but they capture the Avengers spirit so well. The superheroes may not be the first characters that spring to mind when you think of Disney, but they pack a mighty punch with fans everywhere.