Judges Marvel At Nervous Teen’s Voice, But Then Simon Tells Her She’s Bullied For A Reason

by Barbara Diamond
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At the time of 18-year-old Caitlyn VanBeck’s audition on The X Factor UK, she lived at home with her family and described herself as a daddy’s girl.

Caitlyn began performing when she was a little girl, and was always taking part in school talent shows. However, she faced a lot of negativity from her classmates. The bullying got so bad that she wanted to quit singing altogether. Ultimately, it was her father who convinced her to keep going. He encouraged her to pursue her dreams, and that’s exactly what led her to the audition.

The nervous teenager decided to sing her rendition of “Piece by Piece,” Kelly Clarkson’s most tear-jerking song to date. Within mere seconds, the judges were stunned by her talent, her confidence, and her booming voice. Even she herself got choked up by the powerful lyrics, which tell the story of a woman coming to terms with her relationship to her father.

By the end of Caitlyn’s audition, judge Nicole Scherzinger was in absolute tears. Simon Cowell admitted she quickly won him over, too — and he said there was a reason she’d been so badly bullied until that point.

Simon’s words only left the teen more emotional. He completely validated what her supportive family had always said to her about never giving up.

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