Chick-Fil-A Inspires Son To Say His First Words After Years Of Silence

by Emerald Pellot
Emerald Pellot graduated summa cum laude from New York University with a degree in Writing & Popular Culture. She worked as Senior Editor of College Candy for 2 years, covering feminism, popular culture, and college life before joining LittleThings in 2015. Based in New York City, Emerald covers a wide range of topics from human interest pieces to celebrity news.

When Caiden was born, his parents noticed something unusual about their son. He didn’t cry, he barely made a peep. Instead, little Caiden would sort of silently stare off. His parents, Mashanda and Michael Lane, knew he was different, but they weren’t sure why. At first doctors gave them a diagnosis of autism. Then they told Mashanda they had re-diagnosed Caiden with apraxia and aphasia, caused by a stroke that Caiden must have had while still in the womb, thus affecting the part of his brain that allows him to communicate. The chances were Caiden would never speak.

On the very day they received the new diagnosis, Mashanda decided to take Caiden and her two other children to Chick-fil-A. What happened next was nothing short of a miracle. It happened slowly, then all at once. There was a small event happening at the Chick-fil-A, and there was a ton of excitement. Kids playing, smiling faces, a lot of joy. Caiden began moving his lips as he interacted with others. He started to mouth like he was trying to say something, then finally it came out. Caiden shouted his very first words so simple, even a little random, but bewilderingly beautiful nonetheless.

“Chick-fil-A makes me so happy,” he exclaimed! Mom instantly began to cry, when Chick-fil-A workers saw what had just happened, watch what they do in the video below…

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