Students Buy Their Usual Lunches But Find Cafeteria Worker Left A Message On The Bananas

by Amy Paige
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For the past nine years, Stacey Truman has worked in the cafeteria at Kingston Elementary School in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

She has watched many of the students grow up before her eyes.

Stacey is such a dedicated employee; she makes sure to learn each student’s name and is always trying to put a smile on their faces.

Stacey, who also has children of her own, started writing notes on her kids’ banana peels — something to cheer them up or make them excited for school. One day, she decided to see if the elementary students at her work would appreciate the simple gesture.

She calls them “talking bananas.” Each piece of fruit features a different phrase of encouragement scribbled in Sharpie marker, like “You are enough” and “Spread love everywhere you go.”

The principal, Sharon Shewbridge, recently walked into the cafeteria, saw a batch of the talking bananas, and snapped a photo. After posting it to Twitter, Stacey and her motivational fruit went viral. Now more parents across the country are sending their kids to school with them.

In the clip below, a local news crew interrupts lunchtime at Kingston Elementary to give “Mrs. Truman” a surprise that left her speechless.

Footage provided by WTKR Norfolk

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