Cafeteria Food Keeps Making Students Sick So Fed-Up Teen Starts Publicly Exposing School Lunches

by Amy Paige
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Amber Christensen, a junior high school student from Blue Island, Illinois, was fed up with the meals being served by her school.

She and her classmates became pretty accustomed to rotten apples, strange-looking hamburger meat, and even dead bugs in their sandwiches.

But the last straw? A mysterious meat-loaf-type steak served in December 2018. Amber says it made her so sick that she went to the school nurse — only to find a handful of other students complaining about the same unsavory lunch.

Amber’s mom, Mandy, confirmed just how ill the mystery meat made her daughter. “She was laying in bed and constantly getting up and throwing up,” Mandy told CBS. “It was terrible.”

Amber and Mandy went to the school to see if anything could be done about the lunch program, but they were turned away. School staff said the meals were in accordance with the guidelines, and there was nothing that could be done to change or improve them.

But here’s the thing: Many of these students school qualify for free or reduced lunches, meaning their families may not have the means to provide them with healthy and nutritious options outside of school hours. These students depend on cafeteria food, yet they were unsatisfied with the quality of foods they were being served.

Amber refused to sit back and accept the meal program. So she came up with an idea… and this time, she caught the attention of the superintendent who responded with real and positive changes.

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