Pregnant Wife Films Baby’s First Ultrasound, Then Doctor Urges Her To Turn Off The Camera

by Jess Butler
Jess is a curly-haired Jersey girl who adores penguins and watches the worst reality shows on TV.

When Jessica Capitani went in for her first ultrasounds, she was overjoyed. She couldn’t wait to find out as much as she could about her unborn baby growing inside her belly.

In the video below, posted on May 26, 2015, Jessica explains, “I thought the ultrasound that day was just to find out the sex of my baby. I was so naive and I didn’t think about the other things that ultrasounds are actually done for.”

A young Jessica lays down happily with photos of her ultrasound as her husband, Frank, stands by her side and her mother holds the camera.

“We saw the male anatomy up there on the ultrasound screen. We couldn’t wait to broadcast it to everyone in the family,” She recalls with a smile.

Suddenly, her joy transitions into a bunch of mixed feelings.

On her old video, she is about to record an announcement for the gender of her unborn baby, but her doctor urges her to turn off the camera. “He said, ‘You probably don’t want to videotape this,'” Jessica remembers.

It turns out that the Capitanis’ son has a list of health issues. The doctor explains that he will be born with Down syndrome, hydrocephalus (excess fluid around the brain), and heart problems.

Despite the warning, Jessica gave birth to their boy, who they named Caden, which means “fighting spirit” in Gaelic. The family never gave up on their miracle baby for a second. Maybe it was their unwavering hope that helped Caden develop into a strong, healthy boy — far from the doctors’ initial predictions.

Today Caden is thriving, making the most of everything he does, and bringing light to everyone’s lives. To see how Caden is doing today, check out the video below. To learn more about other medical miracles, visit Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center on their website, YouTube, and Facebook.

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