Mom Fires Back At Trolls Who Say The C-Section She Had To Save Her Baby’s Life Was A ‘Cop Out’

by Caralynn Lippo
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For some moms, birth is a magical and miraculous moment where you finally get to meet the baby you’ve been waiting for over the course of many long months. Unfortunately, for others, the “miracle” of birth can actually be a traumatic experience.

That was sadly the case for Abbie Lever, a 21-year-old mom from Manchester, England. Abbie already had two kids before giving birth to her now 3-month-old daughter, Daisy.

After two vaginal births, the mom of three wound up needing to have an emergency C-section to delivery her third child safely. The umbilical cord had wrapped around her baby’s neck, and Daisy needed to be resuscitated. Thankfully, baby Daisy is safe and healthy today.

But when she posted about her difficult birth experience online, people were less than kind about it.

Abbie revealed that she felt as though her body had failed her baby girl. Even worse, online trolls commenting on her photos of Daisy three weeks after labor branded her “too posh to push” for having opted for a “cop out” C-section, worsening her postpartum depression.

Rather than accept the cruel comments of strangers, Abbie opened up in a powerful Facebook post on November 20, 2017, about the realities of having a caesarean, to help support other C-section moms.

Abbie wrote, in part:

Imagine waiting 9 months for the moment you hold your baby first before anyone else in this world, but instead 5 maybe 6 other people hold your princess first. Not being able to have skin to skin straight away, till all your guts have been chucked back in and your stomach muscles that have been ripped from bottom to top stitched back up […] A c section is not a cop out, it’s to save a babies life, YOUR baby. It certainly saved my princess and I’ll be grateful to the midwifes and doctors that helped me through the day, if it wasn’t for the midwife I had I wouldn’t of kept it together. And no this post is not for attention as I don’t need any attention, this is to show you mummies that have had a c section, emergency or not, you still did it.

The brave mom said that she’s gotten a good response from her message and that she hopes her words, alongside raw photos of her C-section scarring, helps other moms who have gone through the same thing.

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