Incredible Time Lapse Captures Monarch Butterfly Metamorphosis

by Barbara Diamond
Barbara is a passionate writer and animal lover who has been professionally blogging for over 10 years and counting.

This mesmerizing time lapse, courtesy of Front Yard Video, captures the life cycle of the monarch butterfly in a way like never before. In less than three minutes, watch as the caterpillar goes from feeding to pupation to eclosing (or emerging) — from a chrysalis to a stunning monarch butterfly. The transformation is beautiful, inspiring, and maybe even a little creepy… and I found myself really feeling for this tiny insect as it struggles and triumphs through its metamorphosis.

Known for their infamous black, orange, and white pattern, the eastern North American monarch population is notable for its annual migration from the United States to Mexico. According to Popular Science, “Monarch butterflies continue to face threats, mostly a decline in habitat in Mexico due to illegal logging, and a loss of their preferred food, milkweed, along their route through North America.” But luckily, we’re seeing a revival in the monarch population as of late. “The amount of monarch butterflies staying in Mexico this winter went up dramatically, increasing in area by 255 percent over last year.”

Mother Nature never ceases to amaze, and this video couldn’t be more beautiful proof of that fact. If you agree, please SHARE this stunning clip with your friends on Facebook!

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