Overworked Woman Leaves The Room. Then She Captures Just How Difficult Being A Mom Really Is

by Paul Morris
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For anyone who thinks that being a mother is an easy job, you might want to watch this hilarious video.

While these babies are certainly cute in every single way, they perfectly prove just how hard it can be to deal with them sometimes!

The mother in this video, Corrie Whyte, really shows how much she loves what she does. Even though these babies are crawling wherever they feel like, this mom still keeps a huge smile on her face. The babies, all lying down on the bed, refuse to stay still and do their best to squiggle and squirm out of Mom’s hands.

It takes Mom about 10 minutes to dress all of her babies; her 2-year-old toddler Emily is certainly the bounciest, but her 8-month-old triplets, Jackson, Olivia, and Levi roll around and make her job a struggle.

By the time she’s done with the intense task, you better believe that she’s ready to put them to bed!

This tired mom probably got a lot of good training when all she had to do was worry about her one single toddler. But when the three triplets showed up? She was super-prepared to take care of her children, and even though they’re slippery little babies, she still managed to get them all dressed.

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