He Proposes To Her On An Old School Bus. Then She Remembers She Had Rode It 35 Years Ago

by Emerald Pellot
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Eric Cardwell was fortunate enough to have met the love of his life when he was just a kid. The Trussville, Alabama, man said that he met his now-fiancée, Traci Self about 35 years ago.

They were just kids. Traci was two years older than him. He saw her waiting for the bus and swears he “was done.” At the time, he didn’t have the courage to talk to her.

Strangely enough, life went on, things changed, and somehow the two began dating. When Eric told her that they met once before, Traci said he should have said something back then. Eric didn’t think he was ready.

Somehow, Eric was able to track down the very same kind of school bus they boarded together, but exited separately, all those years ago. He invited Traci onboard and there were friends, family, and cameras awaiting.

“About 35 years ago at this bus stop I saw you get on and I was done,” Eric said. “I don’t think at that time I was ready to say it. I don’t think you were ready to hear it. But I am ready now and I hope you are.”

Eric then asked her to share the rest of eternity with him as his wife. Traci was quite emotional, but of course she agreed.

“Traci was pretty emotional about the proposal, particularly since I had our kids and her parents all on the bus to be a part of it,” Eric told Caters TV.

Everyone began to applaud with congratulations for the happy couple.

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